Greenfield Development – Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel

  • In 2014, APL purchased a parcel of land adjacent to Tokyo Bay (21,882.83 sqm) near Tokyo Disney Resort (“TDR”)
  • TDR attracts over 30 million visitors per year and is planning to physically expand by 30% by 2023

Strengths / Highlights

  • APL selected Takenaka Corp for architectural design and construction and Tokyu Hotels for operations
  • The 638-room, 18-story hotel opened in May 2018 as the only bayfront hotel in the submarket
  • The completed hotel does not fully use available FAR; there is capacity to build another 450+ rooms

Land Acquisition Date

December 2014


Chiba, Japan (20 minutes east of Tokyo)

Property Type

Urban Resort Hotel

Number of Rooms