• In December 2014, APL acquired a controlling interest in a privately held Taiwanese real estate holding company, which owns a diversified portfolio of real estate concentrated in Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second largest city and one of the largest container ports in the world.
  • The portfolio consists of over 100 assets, mainly residential and commercial-zoned land.

Strengths / Highlights

  • There are several large infrastructure projects in Kaohsiung that will improve access between the north and south of the city; these include a new light rail line under construction, which will have a number of stops in close proximity to the assets.
  • The portfolio is highly diversified and in prime locations.
  • APL is pursuing value-add strategies for the portfolio’s assets.

Acquisition Date

December 2014


Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Property Type

Real Estate Portfolio

Property Size

>100 properties